Sports Injury

Sports Injury
Traditional Chinese medicine is probably not at the top of most people’s list when it comes to the treatment of sports injury but due to the abundance of treatment methods available it should rank highly as any other option.

Whichever sport is your passion you will find that it involves lots of repetition for your body. This repetition can develop strain injury to joints, tendons, cartilage, muscles and bones.

It is very important when participating in sport that you have a healthy body to do so in the first place. Every sport in its own way is a danger to our health and should be treated with utmost respect.

Whether you are a professional sports person or just a casual club player to the individual who goes running once a week any weakness that may be present in your body can potentially grow to a major problem that may take weeks, months or years to eradicate.

Injury does not have to mean an obvious symptom such as an impact injury from a crunching tackle on the Rugby field but can also be those nasty niggles that are always there each and every morning.

Whatever your sport we pride ourselves on being able to offer assistance to all of your injury needs. Clients that we regularly treat play the following sports – Football, Golf, Rugby, Athletics, Cricket, Dancing, Boxing, Cycling, Swimming and Martial Arts.

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