Internal Organ Massage

Internal Organ Massage
To most the term “internal organ massage” sounds extremely odd as it is difficult to comprehend how anyone can have for instance their heart massaged from outside the body.

Chinese internal organ massage focuses primarily but not solely on the abdomen. Massage here can treat all of the systems in the body, digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, muscle and acupuncture meridian channels.

Ancient Chinese doctors identified that humans often develop blockages in the intestinal tracts which constrict the vital flow of the body’s qi and blood and it is therefore important to ensure that any such blockages are removed as soon as possible.

Within the abdominal area the Chinese also believe that we hold our emotions. Different parts of the abdomen relate to different organs each of which has a particular emotion connected to it. Sometimes when having internal organ massage any trapped emotions can be released and the client can suddenly feel overcome by that particular emotion.

Internal organ massage can be used to treat the following medical conditions – intestinal blockages, menstruation issues, sciatica, lumps, knots, sports injuries, headaches, poor blood circulation, infertility and impotence, stress, fatigue, ME and fibroids.

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