Chinese Herbs
Chinese herbology is the theory of traditional Chinese herbal therapy that is used to treat many illnesses and medical issues.

The term herbology suggests that only herbs are used in the treatment process while practise shows that many animal, vegetable and mineral substances are also utilized.

For thousands of years herbs have played a significant role in the treatment of medical issues and represent a safe and natural way of treating conditions.

Tried and tested herbal formulas made under laboratory conditions and prescribed through practitioner diagnosis have been aiding the health of thousands of people in the UK for many years.

However, since the end of April, 2011 a European Union directive came into force that has put into place very strict laws concerning the importation of Chinese herbs. Any herbs that are unlicensed are now banned from use in the UK.

Companies are being asked to pay huge sums of money to become licensed and most cannot afford to do so meaning that they are closing down.

Unfortunately this short-sighted bureaucratic action means that many people are now unable to purchase medication that formerly gave them a decent quality of life.

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