Cranial Balancing

Cranial Balancing
Cranial balancing harmonizes the gentle rhythmic movements of the bones in the head.

The cranium governs a person’s spinal balance, their posture as well as their hormones and emotions.

Cranial faults can develop over time without the person knowing. Poor posture is a classic cause, repetitive strain another while trauma such as a whiplash injury are the more obvious catalysts.

When there is an imbalance within the cranium it usually means that the person will also suffer with other back pain predominantly in the lower back that comes on without any identifiable cause.

The sacrum, a triangular shaped bone at the base of the spine is the body’s “hub of the wheel” and maintains the body’s centre of gravity. If the sacrum becomes misaligned pains and problems can manifest themselves at almost any part of the body. It therefore figures that when a problem occurs at the sacrum there will almost inevitably be cranial issues too.

Muscular misalignment can trigger many issues within the body even affecting a person’s mood, sleep patterns, concentration, tiredness, energy and memory.

In addition to helping an existing problem cranial balancing and skeletal realignment when taken as a regular treatment method can also become a preventative medicine simply by the nature of the process.

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