Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic Acupuncture

The Chinese have used Acupuncture points on the face to combat signs of ageing and skin conditions for thousands of years.

History shows that cosmetic acupuncture treatment was given to the Empress herself as well as the Emperor’s concubines back in the Sung Dynasty (960AD – 1070AD).

In today’s modern world cosmetic acupuncture is still widely used in China but has also seen popularity grow in the West. Having cosmetic acupuncture treatment is a healthy way of attaining not only visual benefits but also health benefits.

Every client is not only assessed as to their personal goals from their cosmetic acupuncture treatment but also as to their general state of health.

From this diagnosis some additional acupuncture needles may be introduced to the body, arms and legs which aim to enhance the areas that may be deficient or weak in the person or that are felt will provide the client with major individual benefits.

Clients that embark on a course of cosmetic acupuncture discover that not only do they start to look good and feel self-confidence grow but they also start to feel good internally.

There is no doubt that cosmetic acupuncture can be the catalyst to raise someone’s self-esteem and desirability of themselves which then leads to a new found confidence in all aspects of life.

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