Using Traditional Chinese Medical diagnostic techniques combined where appropriate with Western researched knowledge your initial treatment will be primarily investigative.

It is very important that as a client you are open and honest with your problem as this will give your practitioner the best chance of resolving the underlying cause of the ailment also leading to a faster remedy.

The Chinese believe that a balance of Yin and Yang and a constant uninterrupted flow of Qi – the body’s energy – is vital to maintain a healthy life balance. If there is insufficient Qi or the Qi flow is compromised then this is likely to lead to an imbalance of Yin and Yang and potentially the body will be prone to illness.

The choice of treatment method will be particular to your individual needs with the aim of restoring your body to balance which then promotes recovery and repair.

The treatment techniques used are proven to work and have been practiced by the Chinese for many thousands of years.

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