Hi Gary,

Since my last appointment I have been feeling great.  No headaches and my frozen shoulder completely freed.  

I cant thank you enough for helping me and making my day to day life pain free.

All the best,”

Clair Mason


“I had sustained a badly twisted, swollen ankle while playing sport which left me limping in substantial pain and for that I was recommended to see Gary.

This I duly did and was amazed at the improvement after just one acupuncture treatment. After Gary had inserted the needles and they began to work you could visibly see the swelling starting to reduce.

After the acupuncture, Gary massaged the area around my ankle and although it remained initially painful I found that the next day the pain and swelling had eased. Amazingly the limp that I had carried since the injury had also gone.

A few days later all of the symptoms had completely cleared up and I was able to return to playing sport again.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Gary to anyone who has suffered injury or is in discomfort.”

Jason Coss


“Gary has extensive knowledge and experience of Chinese medicine, his techniques cured the muscular discomfort that I was experiencing in my shoulder and back. I will continue to see Gary because his sessions really do just make you feel better “

Ian Rogers

“Based on the treatment I received from Gary Coventry I can thoroughly recommend him as a practitioner in traditional chinese medicine. I am 70 and had a back pain history spanning 50 years for which I had treatment periodically with both physiotherapists and osteopaths.  This brought temporary relief but it wasn’t until last year when I consulted Gary who carried out a muscular skeletal diagnosis and then worked to realign my body that I felt my body completely relax without pain stress. The treatment evened out my body and  I found that I could do physical things impossible before the treatment.”
Jill Freeth
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